Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Library Without Walls, LLC?

Library Without Walls, LLC is a startup publishing company. LWW was started by industry insiders left over from the days of printing presses and inventory warehouses. "Print On Demand" has upended that world and we are trying our hand at this brave new world.

Why does a book publisher sell silk scarves and mugs?

Why not?! This whole "Print On Demand" allows us to, so why not sell smart accessories that compliment our books.

Do you accept manuscripts?

Currently, we are merely setting up LWW. We do hope to cater to artists, historians, poets, and alternative medium photographers in the future.

Do you offer eBook versions?

No. We are yet to set up our Digital Rights Management software. We are working on it. Until then, we point you to where you can purchase our eBooks at popular retailers like Google Play and others.

Can I borrow your car?

Unfortunately no. . . That's gonna be a hard "no".

What genres will you focus on?

We are setting our focus on the arts and history. In other words, we would like our listing to be relevant past current fads, fashion, or political topics. We want to sell books that are just as relevant 100 years from now as they are today.